Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Langdon & District Chamber of Commerce

  • Call to Order

Alysha Bates, President called to order the 2021 Annual General Meeting of the LDCC at 7:06pm on May 26, 2021 at Langdon.

  • Roll Call

Krista Tardiff, Secretary, conducted a roll call.  The following persons were present: 

Alysha Bates, Leeman Management Solutions

Peter Loats, GreenCor Developments

Carla Lomenda, Carla Lomenda Coaching

Lana Seddon, Prairie Grounds Coffee House

Terri Torraville, Indus Graphics

Hazel Delong, Langdon Vision

Megan McLeod, The Track

Leela Sharon Aheer, MLA

Al Schule, RVC

Dave Kalinchuk, RVC

  • Adoption of Previous Meeting Minutes

Motioned by: Terri, Second by:  Peter

  • Additions to Agenda
    • Update from Hon. Leela Sharon Aheer
    • Update from Al Schule
    • Update from Dave Kalinchuk
    • New member approval x2
  • Adoption of Agenda

Motioned by: Carla, Second by: Krista

  • New Business
    1. Leela provided update on Covid19 and expressed her high regard for business in Langdon and area.  Leela provided her contact information chestermere.strathmore@assembly.ab.ca
    2. Al provided updated.
    3. Dave provided RVC updated.
    4. Alysha provided President 2020/2021 update. 
    5. Adoption of Financial Reports:  Financial statement to be completed after year end May 31, 2021 and presented for audit.  2020 Financials adopted as presented.  Motion by Peter, second by Krista.  Carried
    6. Appointment of Financial Reviewers (2):  Carla Lomenda and Krista Tardiff                      have been appointed. No objections.
    7. Election of Officers:
      1. President – Alysha Leeman. Nominated by Peter, second by Terri. Elected by acclamation.
      2. Vice President – Peter Loats. Nominated by Terri, second by Carla. Elected by acclamation.
      3. Treasurer – Terri Torraville. Nominated by Carla, second by Lana. Elected by acclamation.
      4. Secretary – Krista Tardiff.  Nominated by Terri, second by Lana. Elected by acclamation.
      5. Directors:
        1. Communications – Megan McLeod. Nominated by Megan, second by Terri. Elected by acclamation.
        2. Membership Carla Lomenda. Nominated by Terri, second by Peter. Elected by acclamation.
        3. Community Liaison – Vacant. 
        4. Director at Large – Vacant
  • New Membership Approvals:
    1. Daz Management 
    2. The Track Golf Course

Motion by Lana, second by Carla. Carried 

  • From the Floor


Alysha Bates, President adjourned the meeting at 19:49.