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What is a Chamber of Commerce?

With over 100 years in the province of Alberta, the Chamber federation is a grassroots, community-driven membership organization. A Chamber of Commerce is the voice of business. Chambers harness energy, champion ideas, and collectively move forward sensible solutions for small business. They advocate on behalf of the business community at all 3 levels of government and are successful in these efforts due to their non-partisan nature. Chambers provide solutions to businesses’ toughest problems, overcome barriers to growth, and work to build welcoming and inclusive business communities. Chambers serve to ensure the interests of the business community are at the forefront of municipal, provincial and national decision making. Many chambers provide educational opportunities and host events that showcase and celebrate local business successes through a variety of creative marketing efforts.

While many chambers are staffed, volunteers are key to the chamber’s success. The Board of Directors provides leadership, sets goals, volunteers time and expertise to keep the Chamber of Commerce moving forward. Chambers are funded through membership fees, partnerships with like-minded organizations, sponsorships and a variety of events like speaker series and trade shows.

Despite common misperceptions, Chambers are not banks or government organizations. It is important that people and businesses are made aware that chambers are not-for-profit, membership-driven organizations.