Langdon and District Chamber of Commerce Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, Sept 19, 2018, Langdon Waterworks Boardroom

  1. Call to order 12:15 pm
  2. In Attendance: Terri Torraville, Alysha Bates, Carla Lomenda, Peter Loats.Guests:
    Rebecca from Rocky View County (Regional Resilience Program) and Angela Sawh,
    Senior Manager Disaster Risk Reduction for the Canadian Red Cross (Ready Rating
  3. Regional Resilience Program can provide the following resources:
    • Economic Business Resilience Course – 1-day course
    • Ready Rating Program – free online
    • Insurance Risk Vulnerability for business
  4. Ready Rating Program:
    • Program is free online and is based on the program in use by the American Red Cross
    • Provides info – identifies gaps in your readiness and what you can do to fill them.
    • Provides an assessment at the end so you can see how you compare to other
      businesses in your field.
    • Provides a template for an emergency response plan.
    • Provides resources.
      ● Provides steps for business continuity in the event of a disaster, as well as operational or
      financial disruption or disruption due to death or key staff leaving.
    • There is a Seal available through the American Red Cross that states that you are
      Ready Rating Certified.
    • The program has shown to improve community collaboration in an emergency.
    • The program would be sponsored by the Chamber and be inclusive of community
      groups, businesses, schools and churches. Once the groups are involved this has a
      trickle effect down to personal preparedness.
    • This is currently in the Pilot Program state and the Langdon Chamber qualifies as a
      sponsor under the pilot program.
    • Pilot program includes initial session, follow up and after pilot follow up – what’s next?
    • Could include some of the smaller surrounding communities such as
      Dalemead, and Indus.
  5. The Board will discuss setting up this pilot program in Langdon.
  6. Adjournment 1:10pm.