Minutes of Executive Meeting
Langdon and District Chamber of Commerce
Thursday, Sept 13, 2018, Langdon Waterworks Boardroom

  1. Call to order 1:15 pm
  2. In Attendance – Terri Torraville, Alysha Bates, Peter Loats, Steph Brundige
  3. Peter moved to accept the agenda as presented. Steph seconded. Carried.
  4. Alysha moved to accept the minutes from the previous meeting as presented. Steph
    seconded. Carried.
  5. President’s Report:
    • Revised branding has been received from Admaki and Peter moved we accept as
      presented. Terri seconded. Carried.
    • We will also need photographs for the website and Steph moved that if Rocky View
      County will not pay for that, then we should. Peter seconded. Carried.
    • There is another meeting scheduled for discussion about the offsite levy on Sept
      19 at Rocky View County.
    • The Firehall expansion has been approved. The county equipment will be moved
      out and an addition will be built onto the existing hall to incorporate 5 front
      bays and a heritage look.
    • Langdon has been approved both at the Federal and Provincial levels for 3 new full-time
      police officers which would operate out of the firehall. Currently, staffing is short so
      projected to be filled a year from now, depending on staffing.
    • The LCA has contacted the Chamber about a program for local businesses to offer a
      community member discount. LCA to be advised they would need to discuss directly with
      the businesses
  6. Treasurer report:
    • Currently, have 45 members.
    • Most of the membership dues have been collected.
    • Balance in the account is approx. $11200.00
    • Presented a document to be signed so that the Chamber can accept e-transfers from
  7. Old Business:
    • Lucky Langdon coins. Terri has sourced 3 options: metal, wood embossed, wood
      printed. It was agreed that the printed wood tokens would offer more flexibility for use – It
      was agreed that they could be part of a marketing plan. Further discussion is needed to
      determine the path this will go down. TABLED
    • Membership Coordinator – Steph to continue as Membership Coordinator.
    • Terri will update the sign for Langdon Family Dental as requested.
    • Quote to update the Center Street Sign topper is $350.00 once the Chamber has
      been incorporated into the branding. Proofs will be sent to the executive for approval
      (the dark blue background option was chosen). Indus Graphics will add “Advertise Your
      Business Here” to any blanks spaces that may remain after the wait list has been
  8. New Business:
    • Chestermere Chamber has invited us to join their Small Business Week seminars.
      Alysha will advise the members.
    • Discussed some possible topics for lunch and learn.
    • Annual operating budget – tabled.
    • LDCC Bylaws – tabled.
  9. Next Executive Meeting – TBA
  10. Adjournment – 2:35 pm.