1. Call to order 12:05 pm
  2. In Attendance: Terri Torraville, Alysha Bates, Steph Brundige, Al Schule, Naomi Moon, Corrie Carrobourg, Tracy Drury, Tim Faryna, Mik Schaalje, Carla Lomenda Guest: Al Hogan CAO Rocky View County
  3. Approval of the Minutes – Steph moved they be accepted as presented.
    Carla seconded. Carried.
  4. Agenda – Steph moved we approve as presented, Tracy seconded.
  5. President Report:
    1. Website – still under construction.
    2. Advertising – paper ads are in progress.
    3. NBCFB has asked the Chamber to provide a conduit for local businesses to be involved in the bid process for the building of the new ball diamonds. A letter is being developed to go out to Chamber members.
  6. Treasurer Report: We have one new paid member for 2019 and invoices are to go out soon as memberships are due at the end of May. The bank balance is $11918.36. Application forms will be sent out with invoices to update contact info.
  7. County Update – Al Schule:
    1. Open House Feb 5, 2019, went well. 30 to 45 people attended. There were lots of senior staff on hand to answer questions.
  8. New Business: none
  9. Rapid Fire with RVC representatives
  10. Upcoming Events:
    1. MLA Leela Aheer will have politics & pints Feb 21 in Langdon
    2. 2 new businesses will be opening soon – Postcard Café, Vape & Smoke Shop
    3. March 14 Chestermere & Area Networking Group
    4. Parade of Garage Sales 1 st Saturday in May
    5. LCA gearing up for Langdon Days 3 rd weekend in July – please contact them to volunteer or participate.
  11. Meeting adjourned 1:20 pm.
  12. Next meeting TBA.