1. Call to order 12:05 pm
  2. In Attendance: Terri Torraville, Alysha Bates, Steph Brundige, Naomi Moon, Corrie Carrobourg, Carla Lomenda, Ray Thomson, Krista Tardiff
  3. Approval of the Minutes – Steph moved they be accepted as presented.
    Carla seconded. Carried.
  4. Agenda – Carla moved we approve as presented. Ray seconded. Carried.
  5. President Report:
    1. By-Laws: The board has begun a review of the current by-laws and will have an amended version to present at the AGM for approval by the membership. The AGM will be May 29, 2019, at noon in the RVUC boardroom.
    2. New members: Mortgage Alliance, Select Financial and John Peplinski, realtor.
    3. Member decal: decal poll was sent out and option A was chosen by the majority. Additional decals can be ordered by members at a cost of $5.00ea.
    4. Meeting with RV County: Alysha met with Cole Nelson -corporate business development manager RVC, Lowell Harder – Bragg Creek Chamber of Commerce, James Moller -Balzac Business Community and Bruce McAllister – Rocky View 20/20. Each shared their concerns for their area.
    5. Website: Pixel Media would like some photos of ‘business in progress’ at members’ businesses to use. Please send to Alysha to be forwarded.
    6. Candidates Forum: The provincial election has been called for April 16. The Chamber has set up a candidates forum for April 1, 2019, at 7 pm at the Firehouse Bar & Grill.
  6. Treasurer Report: Bank balance is $11194.82. Invoices will be going out shortly. Memberships are due by May 31, 2019.
  7. New Business:
    1. Community Cleanup: a business lead community cleanup was suggested by a local resident. After discussion, it was agreed that businesses should look after their own properties.
    2. New Businesses Update: One Vape shop is opening soon, another is in process.
    3. Commercial Space: Let Alysha know if there is any space available for lease. She has had inquiries.
    4. Wine & Cheese: suggested for June at Il Bricco. Venue to be booked.
    5. Casino License: Corrie raised the idea of looking into a casino license. To be discussed at the next meeting.
    6. Chamber Benefits Plan: individuals can sign up to receive health benefits. Alysha will try to get someone to come to a meeting to speak on this.
    7. Directors Insurance: recommended by the Alberta Chamber. Steph will look into insurance for us.
  8. Upcoming Events:
    1. Parade of Garage Sales 1 st Saturday in May
    2. LCA gearing up for Langdon Days 3 rd weekend in July – please contact them to volunteer or participate.
  9. Meeting adjourned 1:14 pm.
  10. Next meeting TBA.