Rocky View County is updating its Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and we are currently in Stage 1 of Engagement. We will continue to collect public feedback until March 1st, 2024. For more information on Distinct Areas and the overall project, future phases, and expected timelines, please visit the project website at

Because you are experts in your local business community, we would greatly appreciate your input regarding the proposed “Distinct Residential & Business Areas”. We have designed a quick online survey that asks specific questions regarding each community; what makes your community unique, how would you like the community to develop in the future, which business sectors are best suited to locate in each community.

To share your insights on the business communities across Rocky View County, please visit the project website and fill-out the Distinct Residential & Business Areas survey. We would encourage you to fill-out a separate survey for each of the communities you would like to provide feedback on.

Project Timeline & Additional Information

Following Stage 1 of Engagement, the project team will release an Engagement Summary Report in early April, 2024. This report will inform the first draft of the MDP document, which is tentatively scheduled for released over Summer 2024. Once the draft MDP is released, the project team will commence with Stage 2 of Engagement, where you will be invited to provide direct feedback on specific policy areas relevant to your organization.

We would also encourage you to respond to all the online surveys on our website, which will help to inform the first draft MDP document. The website will remain active throughout the project, so check back often to see live survey results, project updates, and additional engagement opportunities with the project (“Get Involved” tab).

Let your voices be heard and participate in the opportunity to help shape what Langdon’s Economical Plan will look like.