Over a decade ago, Rocky View County and Rocky View Schools acquired land for the future Langdon High School. With the help of a dedicated group of concerned parents, the land was deemed shovel ready in 2018, and yet was not on the approved project list presented by the previous government. With over 10 million dollars invested in the site from Rocky View County, and the fact that the future High school is currently #1 on the priority list from Rocky View Schools, we are ready to see this project become reality. Should this project be approved in 2019, it has the potential to open in 2022 with over 400 students from the area. 

The Langdon & District Chamber of Commerce support the proposed High School Project within Langdon as it is poised to have significant positive impacts on the economic future within Langdon. The Business community is projected to see an increase in traffic to their businesses, plus the inclusion of this project in the community will offer businesses an larger employment base. Overall, this project is not only beneficial to the Hamlet of Langdon but also the business community. Below is the letter that was sent to the Government of Alberta in September to show our support.

The LDCC look forward to seeing the Langdon High School Approved on October 24 during the Provincial Budget

LETTER: Proposed Langdon High School