During the May 14, 2019, Council meeting, matters specifically affecting business in the County are now listed below:

Council approved their 2019-and-beyond Strategic Plan. The plan can be viewed by clicking here

  • Council voted in favour of a moratorium suspending compliance action against short-term rental units (such as Airbnb rentals), pending completion of a new Land Use Bylaw. (this was a vital first step in proactively dealing with the growing business interest in “short term rentals”)
  • Council voted to put forward a motion at the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board suggesting the Board request, from the Minister of Municipal Affairs, a one-year extension on the deadline for completing a Regional Growth Plan to allow time to address water servicing.
  • Council voted to rescind their January 2019 letter stating that the County cannot support the Springbank Dam project (known as SR-1) in its current state to the relevant new Alberta Government elected officials.