As many of you are aware, changes are coming to Langdon Center Street. These changes began in 2019 with pedestrian pathways from Nesbitt to 3rd Avenue, and temporary pathwarys from 3rd Avenue to Railway Avenue on the West side of Center Street.

The construction of the next phase was slated to begin May 3 and go until September 15, 2020. This includes, as disclosed by a RVC Safe and Sound message, the following:

  • Road widening to 4 lanes, Center Street from Glenmore Trail to Railway Avenue
  • Storm Sewers
  • Street Lights
  • Signalization of the intersection of Brander Avenue/Anderson Avenue
  • Walkways from Nesbitt Avenue to Dead Horse Road

The Langdon & District Chamber of Commerce had been in contact with Rocky View County in regards to this project since 2018. During this discussion we expressed our concerns with the plans and offered suggestions. There have been open houses open to the public where the diagrams of the plans were presented. Residents were able to give feedback at these open houses.

This week, Langdon residents, including the LDCC board, received the above Safe and Sound message from Rocky View County advising the construction was beginning. We have received numerous emails and phone calls of concern by our members who are directly impacted with their properties on Center Street, as well as businesses that frequently travel and utilize Center Street. Below are the two letters the LDCC has sent in response to the concerns from our members. After the first letter was sent, we received an email stating that RVC would be willing to discuss the project with members during our upcoming Virtual Networking on May 15, however would not discuss specifics to the individual businesses impacted at this meeting, and that individual concerns should be directed to Doug Hafichuk, Manager of Capital Projects or Byron Riemann, Manager of Operations 

We will keep all informed as we learn more about this project in the future.

LDCC Letter to RVC