During the June 25, 2019, Council meeting, matters specifically affecting business and related commerce in the County are now listed below:

  • Council granted an extension to July 23 for the County-Wide Recreation Model report. Council had previously stipulated that a report to include a draft model for improved function and governance of the current recreation services approach to service delivery be provided to Council on or before June 30, 2019.
  • Council removed policy-making matters from the Terms of Reference for the Governance and Priorities Committee and returned the function to Council. Relative to recent actions under the Council Code of Conduct taken by Council the move to transfer policy decisions back to Council ensures that all councillors can continue to perform their duties by voting and fully participating in discussions on policy matters.
  • Council approved a Development Permit for the development of trail infrastructure for a non-motorized, recreational trail (Meadowlark Trail) located within the former CP Rail right-of-way between the town of Irricana and the village of Beiseker. This portion of the trail is a segment of a longer-term project that establishes a network of trails throughout southern Alberta and beyond. It is anticipated that the further development of a continuous trail, in alignment with the goals of the TransCanada Trail Network, greater recreation and greater tourist activity will result for the County and the Region.
  • Division 7 – File PL20180015 (06513005), Bylaw C-7888-2019, Re-designation Item: Direct Control District 150 to Business Highway Frontage, and Recreation Business District to Business – Highway Frontage. Considered under the Balzac West Area Structure Plan and the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board Interim Growth Plan. Council tabled the matter pending the applicant’s submission of a Conceptual Scheme.
  • Division 5 – File PL20180130 (1015-568), Bylaw C-7893-2019, Conceptual Scheme Item: Township Road 250 Transition Area. Considered under the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board Interim Growth Plan, the County Plan, and the Conrich Area Structure Plan. Approved. The conceptual scheme provides a vision for the area and identifies appropriate land uses and future businesses.
  • Division 5 – File PL20180130 (1015-568), Bylaw C-7898-2019: Live-Work Overlay – Township Road 250 Conceptual Scheme. Considered under the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board Interim Growth Plan, the County Plan, and the Conrich Area Structure Plan. This application is related to Bylaw C-7893-2019. Approved. Relates specifically to 13 parcels within the associated conceptual scheme, allowing for a limited expansion of on-site home-based businesses.
  • Division 4 – File PL20180108 (03223004), Subdivision Item: Langdon East Conceptual Scheme – Direct Control 97. Considered under the Langdon Area Structure Plan and the Langdon East Conceptual Scheme. Approved by the Subdivision Authority. Completing the final phase of the residential component of the Langdon East Conceptual Scheme with the development of 14 residential lots.


  • Council moves into a closed session to consider the confidential item “Water and Wastewater Servicing at Cochrane Lakes” under Sections 24 and 25 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, and a confidential personnel matter under Sections 19 and 24. Council came out the In-Camera session and directed Administration to continue negotiations with Horse Creek Water Services Inc. on the first matter. Discussions on the second matter will continue at a future Council Meeting.