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Joining A Local Chamber

Becoming a member of a local business chamber in your community offers numerous benefits and opportunities for growth. By joining the chamber, you gain a voice in advocating for local business interests, as the chamber actively engages with policymakers and community leaders. Moreover, being a member means enjoying increased visibility and credibility within the community, as the chamber promotes and supports its members through various marketing channels. Lastly, membership offers the chance to contribute to the economic development and prosperity of your community by participating in collaborative initiatives and projects.


Why Join A Chamber?

  • Chambers offer opportunities to connect and get involved
  • Membership is an investment in the present and the future of a community’s welfare
  • Every member has a vote on matters the chamber is involved in
  • Chambers offer a variety of valuable opportunities
  • The cost of membership can be easily recovered by access to the many preferred member rates and exposure for businesses

Who Can Join As A Member?

  • Any business or person who believes that a vibrant business community is the foundation of a strong place in which to work and live.

  • All are welcome – there is something for everyone!

What’s in it for you?

We have advertising opportunities that are both free and paid through our social media channels, website and on the Chamber of Commerce billboards at the Glenmore entrance of Langdon.
Advertising and sponsorship packages are available throughout the year.
We providing digital and in person opportunities to help you connect with other local businesses owners in a casual or learning get together.
We advocate for you on all levels of Government; Municipal, Provincial and Federal.
As a membership collective we have the ability to advocate for matters surrounding buisness needs and to promote growth within our economy.
Value Added Benefits
As a member of the Langdon and District Chamber of Commerce you are entitled to these exclusive benefits.
Explore all the available benefits your business would have access to HERE

Ready to Become a Member?

Still have questions in regards to becoming a member? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Membership team at