1. Call to order 12:15 pm. Live feed was not available.
  2. In Attendance: Terri Torraville, Alysha Bates, Steph Brundige, Naomi Moon, Krista Tardiff
  3. Approval of the Minutes – Steph moved they be accepted as presented.
    Alysha seconded. Carried.
  4. Agenda – Steph moved we approve as presented. Krista seconded.
  5. President Report:
    1. Candidates Forum: was well attended and there were over 1000 views of the live feed on facebook. Leela Sharon Aheer has been re-elected as MLA for our district of Chestermere-Strathmore.
    2. Website: still working on
    3. Centre Street: construction for updates has been proposed to start end of June continuing into July. Alysha will follow up.
    4. Canada Post is changing all rural addresses and letters are going out soon. Most addresses in the hamlet will not be affected.
    5. County Plan is being revised and Rocky View County is looking for local input. There is an open house today at RV County from 4-7pm. Send letters to Al regarding removing the pop cap of 10,000 by April 24.
  6. Treasurer Report: Bank balance is $11445.30. Invoices will be going out today. Memberships are due by May 31, 2019. Member decals will be mailed out/available for pickup as soon as member forms and payments are received.
  7. Old Business:
    1. Wine & Cheese: To be in the first half of June depending on venue dates available at I.O.O.F. hall.
    2. Casino License: discussed and agreed our group is too small and not in need of casino funds.
    3. Chamber Benefits Plan: hoping to get someone to come speak at our wine and cheese event.
    4. Directors Insurance: recommended by the Alberta Chamber. Steph is still looking into insurance for us.
  8. New Business:
    1. Marketing initiatives being worked on
    2. Historical video: Naomi will be interviewing local pioneers to make a video, with 3-minute maximum segments.
  9. Upcoming Events:
    1. Parade of Garage Sales 1 st Saturday in May. Terri will also be having an art show at Prairie Grounds same day.
    2. LCA gearing up for Langdon Days 3 rd weekend in July – please contact them to volunteer or participate.
  10. Meeting adjourned 1:05 pm.
  11. Next meeting AGM May 29, 2019.