Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Date:  November, 10 2020    10:00 AM / CONFERENCE ROOM or VIA ZOOM


2020/2021 LDCC Board of Directors


  1. Call to Order 10:20am
  2. Roll Call: Alysha Bates, Terri Torraville, Lana Seddon, Peter Loats, Krista Tardiff, Carla Lomenda
  3. Adoption of previous Board Meeting Minutes: Terri moved we adopt as presented. Lana seconded. Carried
  4. Additions to the Agenda: Light Up Langdon Donation. LCC update from Penny.  Christmas Event from Lana.
  5. Adoption of the Agenda: Terri moved we accept as amended. Carla seconded. Carried


  1. President:  
    • Small Business Week – successful presentations and turn out was higher than anticipated.
    • Rocky View County financed potable water in the Field House.  Member businesses were instrumentally involvement.  Rocky View Utility Corp constructed, and TRUST Plumbing completed the finishing.  Hydrant installation also may be used for flooding the community rink.
  2. Treasurer: 
    • Balance is $9186.63 
    • Discussion of signage from new members
    • New member list has been inputted into accounting system
  3. Membership: 
    • 67 members
    • 3 New requests
    • Working on streamlining emails to members and new members
    • Decals – mailout including decals to be sent out
  4. Committees: 
    • Social Media:

Updates for visit Langdon page to be in by the 20th of each month

Discussion of upcoming posts for social

    • Special Events:

Horseshoe Awards in 2021

Centre Street Opening revisit in 2021

Old Business

  1. Strathmore-Chestermere Collaboration: Strathmore has emailed with intention to continue efforts to collaborate.  President has not responded at this time, looking for BOD to take project on. Tabled
  2. New member drive: Carla and Alysha working on membership package for new and potential members
  3. Rocky View County follow-up on economic resilience and mental health support. Review of response: have only received the pre-set response of website links. Tabled.
  4. Hamlet Map: Terri is working on drafting map.  Peter can assist with getting current map data. 
  5. Welcome Sign Banner installed.

New Business

  1. LCC update from Penny.  Tabled.
  2. Light Up Langdon – discussion of ideas on how to allocate funds donated by Mountain View Financial and Rocky View County
  3. Christmas Event – Shopping event from local businesses Nov 16 – 22 2020
  4. Primary Care Network and Synergy have emailed community-based support programs accessible to Langdon residence. Chamber to share via social
  5. MOTION: Approval of New Members – Motion by Carla. Lana Second. Carried.
  • HomeSmith (1679481 Alberta Ltd.)
  • Community Futures Wildrose as an Honorary Member
  • CIBC

Next Meeting: December 8, 2020 @ 10:00 hrs

Alysha Bates, President adjourned the meeting at 11:45 hrs