Update from Councillor Schule on projects within Langdon

Langdon Fire Hall

Work is proceeding as expected and the project continues to trend on budget. Specific items of
interest include:

  1. Contract for Architectural Design was awarded in May 2019
  2. Purchase of the new property (24 – 3rd Avenue) was completed in June 2019
  3. Engineering is well underway and a building permit application is planned for September 2019
  4. Site preparation (clearing, rough grading, servicing) is planned for September/October
  5. Major construction is expected to begin in the Spring of 2020 and last 14 to 16 months


Langdon Fourth Street Walkway

  1. The sections of pathway completed in 2018 held up very well over the winter, and minimal touch-up work is required
  2. 2019 work began on June 6th but was subsequently delayed due to extremely wet subsurface conditions
  3. We expect the ground to be sufficiently dried out by mid-July; Work will begin immediately thereafter and last approximately two weeks


Langdon Centre Street Improvements

  1. Detailed engineering is substantially complete
  2. 2019 construction will focus on pedestrian access (sidewalks and pathways) and some overland drainage improvements
  3. 2019 construction tender/award will be complete in July 2019, with construction planned in August 2019 (Specific dates will clear once the contract has been awarded)
  4. 2020 construction will focus on roadway improvements (vehicle lanes) and the underground stormwater line (Pending budget approval)