After a long hiatus, we resumed our members meeting on Wednesday with goals to unveil the new brand for Langdon that the LDCC has been working closely with Rocky View County on over the past year.

Our goals with the updated branding were to create an image for Langdon and invite, not only new residents and tourists but also new businesses to the community. The final logo design, which was determined upon after extensive market research of Langdon, as well as many drafts, we feel really shows the future of Langdon while embracing the past. In keeping with the traditional upside-down horseshoe, and updating the colours and fonts to a cleaner and more modern style, we are excited to re-establish Langdon into the world as a place to see.

WHAT’s NEXT? That is an awesome question! Now that the official brand is established, it will be made available to other community groups to use in their advertising, to keep a cohesive message going forth. However, each group is unique and individual and will not be forced to utilize it. Your Chamber of Commerce will be utilizing this branding as our own, though using it to identify ourselves as the Chamber of Commerce. It will be visible on the NEW website coming at you very soon, and all advertising we partake in the future.

WEBSITE UPDATE: Our website is coming together beautifully. It is a process and we are so happy to have an amazing team working on it in the background. The website will showcase Langdon, the LDCC and all of our business members. It will be a place for community members
to visit to get up to date information and recommendations of Member businesses. So, if you know a business that is not a member and you recommend them, be sure to send them our way!. There will also be opportunities to advertise in the future on the website, which will allow
our members to be more known within the community. The website will also include a calendar of events (to which members will be able to add their events to at a very discounted rate), a history of Langdon, photo gallery of past and present, and much more. We can not wait to unveil this next huge project to our members and the community in 2019.

With Branding and talk of the future in Langdon, the Executive Board has been involved in many meetings over the last few months. These meetings included in-depth conversations with the Planning Department from RVC in regards to the Center Street Upgrades and Sidewalks. We expressed concern over the initial plans, which left a lot of open questions to the look and feel of Center Street. We are looking forward to hearing from RVC in the new year about the changes and progress on this integral project for Langdon.

We have also had meetings with the Red Cross and RVC to bring the Ready Rating Program to Langdon. This program saw a huge push after the devastating fires in Fort McMurray in 2016. And as a preemptive to any potential disaster in the future, we are partnering with both RVC and the Red Cross to bring this program to Langdon to better prepare the business community and community in case of disaster. More to come, including dates of the sessions in 2019.

If at any time you have an issue you would like to see the LDCC look into or advocate on, please contact us via email. Once the website is available, we will have a link on the website as well to submit concerns.

The executive board will not be meeting with the members in December but will again in January of 2019 and we hope to see many of you in attendance. As a reminder, these member meetings are meant to keep you the LDCC members informed on what is happening both within
your board, the community and Rocky View County. We love to see the member in attendance and will look at alternative methods of delivering the meetings in 2019 (which may or may not include a FB live meeting). When you attend the meetings, either in person or online, your voice is heard on what is important in the business community.